1-8DPS30 - Blastrac, NA




Blasting Width: 8 in. (203mm)
Travel Speed: Up to 75 ft/min. (23m/min.)
Prod. Capacity: Up to 600 sq.ft/hr on concrete (50 m2/hr)
Blast Motor: 4 hp (3 kw)  
Voltage: 230V, 1ø, 60 Hz
Amperage: 30A
Power Cord: 35 ft. (10.66m)
Dust Hose Connection: 3 in. (76mm)
Dimensions: L 51 in. x W 16 in. x H 47 in.
(1295mm x 406mm x 1193mm)
Weight: Net 275 lbs (125kg)

pdf file   Features and Benefits 

Low payment graphic 418New improvements make the Blastrac 1-8DPS30 easier to operate and handle. This economical, self-propelled 8” shot blasting system now features drive controls on the steering handle. An EZ-adjust system for the control cage is another new feature that is operator friendly. Laser-cut components and utilization of improved manufacturing technologies along with a powder-coat finish helps assure quality construction and long life.

A vacuum hose retainer and slide-out shot screen/tray with an integrated EZ-grip handle are further enhancements, as well as an improved yoke attachment for the front steering arm and self-propelled motor. When attached to the BDC-1330 dust collector, the 1-8DPS30 operates virtually dust-free.

The 1-8DPS30’s self-propelled operation improves productivity and promotes a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile. It consumes abrasive at less than 9 lb. per hr. and strips, cleans and profiles in one easy step to prepare concrete surfaces prior to application of coatings or overlays. Ideal for industrial floors, warehouses, commercial or residential garage floors, this shot blaster can prepare up to 450 to 600 sq. ft. per hour. The 1-8DPS30 is also perfect as a complementary unit for larger shot blasters.

Production rates achieved will be affected by variables specific to each job site. These figures are not guarantees of performance. For proper operation, the shot blasting unit must be used in conjunction with an appropriate dust collector.


•  Drive controls on adjustable steering arm – finger-tip
   control to operate

•  EZ-adjust system for fine-tuning the control cage

•  Vacuum hose containment bracket facilitates hose

•  EZ-grip handle integrated into shot screen tray

•  Dust port now designed into shot hopper lid



•  Labor and time-saving shot blasting process strips,
   cleans and profiles in one step − cost effective and
   friendly to the environment

•  Operates virtually dust-free when connected to
   BDC-1330 dust collector

•  Great for decorative concrete applications when
   preparing for overlays and coatings