PG-10528 Forklift Scraper - Blastrac, NA

Scraping & Stripping

The forklift scraper is made to simply slide on your forks, tighten down the set screw, hook safety chain, and begin scraping. This handy attachment is made to remove tape, paint, and other spills from your concrete surfaces. Easily adjust pressure by using the forklift controls.

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PG-10528 Forklift Scraper

Features and Benefits:
• Heavy Duty Steel Scraper Body
• Speeds Up Productivity
• Easy to Operate & Attach

• Tie Down Ring
• 4 Blade Bolts
• Set Screw
• Blade Spacer

 Recommended (Not Included):
• Safety Chain
• Scraper Blade


PG-10528 Forklift Scraper

Technical Specifications

Name Description
Tie Down Ring 1-1/2” ID
4 Blade Bolts 3/8”-16 x 1-1/4”
Set Screw ½”-13 x 3”
Working Width Fits 6”, 8”, and 10”
Dimensions L 32” x W 11” x H 4.5” (812.8mm x 279.4mm x 114.3mm)
Weight 46 lbs. (20.9 kg)

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