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Blastrac Global to Acquire Skidabrader

Posted by Kevin Haworth on 10/24/2017

Blastrac Global has recently submitted a letter of intent to acquire Skidabrader. The name Skidabrader represents a high production pavement texturing service for the transportation industry. This large fleet of 1,000 horsepower shot blast machines can quickly and inexpensively transform slick pavement into one that resists skidding, hydroplaning and helps to prevent roadway departures.

Skidabrader originally started in 1979 as Humble Equipment Co. in Humble, Texas. Early “prototype” machinery was used for concrete overlay projects, routinely preparing a mile a day of 24 foot wide roadway. Most of these overlay projects are still in use today. Skidabrader’s contracting and manufacturing experience has enabled them to evolve into the most powerful and productive surface preparation machine today.

Some noteworthy jobs that Skidabrader has done would be in 1994 when NASA needed a surface modification for its Florida shuttle-landing runway. Two machines completed 15,000 x 300 ft. wide runway to specifications in just eight working days. Also in 2011 Skidabrader textured 1,794,662 square yards on interstate highways in Louisiana.

Skidabrader services the needs of airport and highway engineers who have structurally sound pavement with surface problems. The most technologically advanced equipment, operated professionally, allows maximum productivity in short work windows. Fully instrumented controls and plenty of horsepower insures the operator can quickly and easily produce the specified surface every time, without excuses. Blastrac is intending to continue this business with the power of the Blastrac brand and our knowledge and experience in shot-blasting.

Skidabrader’s acquisition by Blastrac NA, the leader in surface Preparation technology will allow this family- owned business to reach new heights. It allows Blastrac to promote the technology to the federal and state DOT’s that need a tool to preserve the infrastructure and safety of existing roads, bridges, and airports that the citizens have become accustom to.


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