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Orange Evolution


Orange Evolution

Husqvarna integrates Blastrac and Diamatic surface preparation offering under the Husqvarna brand. 

Husqvarna Construction today announces its plans to further consolidate brands in the surface preparation segment. Over the coming years, the recently acquired Blastrac and Diamatic products, services, and solutions will be rebranded as Husqvarna and integrated into the global Husqvarna offering. 

In January 2021 Husqvarna completed the acquisition of Blastrac, a leading provider of surface preparation equipment and solutions for the global construction and remediation industry.

“We have now built one strong team with the commitment to deliver the best possible experience to our broad range of customers. With our combined expertise and our wider offering we are ready to serve our customers and shape the surface preparation industry for tomorrow,” says Stijn Verherstraeten, Vice President Concrete Surfaces & Floors, at Husqvarna Construction.

The additional offering will considerably enhance the existing Husqvarna surface preparation portfolio by bringing advanced shot-blasting, scraping and scarifying solutions to Husqvarna customers and partners. In their turn, Blastrac customers and partners will get access to new adjacent products such as compactors, concrete placement equipment, sawing & drilling equipment and demolition robots as well as a wide (digital) service offering.

“We really look forward to giving our customers access to the best and broadest surface preparation range in the industry – paired with what is probably the most competent and passionate team and all of this under one strong brand. We will build on the combined surface preparation portfolio and will further invest in innovation leadership over the years to come to make sure our customers can always count on us to complete their work in the most productive, sustainable and safe manner,” says Stijn Verherstraeten.

The first wave of rebranded Blastrac and Diamatic products will be launched mid-2022 and will further shape and complement the Husqvarna offering for floor grinding, scarifying and scraping. The second wave, targeting spring 2023, will include shot-blasting solutions and associated dust extractors.

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Husqvarna Acquisition Announcement

Husqvarna Acquisition Announcement

To Blastrac Global’s Valued Customers, Distributors and Suppliers:

Today it has been announced that our owner, Bard Capital Holdings,
has signed an agreement to sell its interests in Blastrac to Husqvarna Group.  This has resulted from discussions lasting for
over one year, and much work on behalf of Husqvarna’s Construction Division to
get to know our company. As a leading global company in surface preparation,
Blastrac is a significant merger opportunity to add to Husqvarna Construction’s
surface preparation technology and product offerings.

Husqvarna is a Swedish public company with revenues close to US$5B.
Its Construction Division has revenues around US$700million. Including the
acquisitions in recent years of HTC and Pullman Ermator, Blastrac represents a substantial
commitment by Husqvarna to the surface preparation business.

Shot blasting, scrapers, and scarifying are new technologies to Husqvarna.
Blastrac and Diamatic brands will complement and enhance the Husqvarna diamond
grinding and polishing product lines.

Husqvarna are buying Blastrac for our products, technology,
customer relationships, manufacturing capability and employee base.  Over time there will be changes resulting
from the combination, including new opportunities for employees of both

The transaction is expected to close before the end of 2020. In
the meantime, it is “business as usual”. 
The Cyclone and U.S.-based Global Contracting Services (Skidabrader,
Cyclone Services and Diamatic Management Services) activities are not part of
the sale and will remain under the ownership of Bard Capital.

“Blastrac and Husqvarna have been robust but respected competitors
for many years.  We are excited to marry
our business to a strong and long-term industry player,”
said CEO
Brian MacKenzie of Blastrac. “In these uncertain times, size and financial
strength will be important to our employees and customers alike.”

“I am delighted to start working with Blastrac management and
employees to build and expand our offering in the market for surface
preparation. And I look forward to welcoming the Blastrac employees and
customers to our company
,” said Karin Falk, President of the Husqvarna Construction Division.

We will continue to keep you updated with details as they unfold.
We look forward to continuing our partnership  with you.


Brian Mackenzie

President, Blastrac Global

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During this difficult COVID-19 period which affects us all. Blastrac would like to look forward to the time after the crisis. For the moment a lot of surface preparation projects have been postponed or stopped, however after this “quiet” period we expect that projects will start again in full swing.

In order to be prepared we would like to help our valuable customers!
Therefore we have the following special offer.

20% discount on list prices for all liners and blast wheels for your Blastrac shot blasting machines!
50% discount on labor costs for inspection, maintenance and repair on all of your Blastrac machines!

For further information. please do not hesitate to contact us!
Validation: 31st of May 2020
Steve Klugherz President Blastrac NA

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July 31, 2019

As the leader in surface preparation and polishing products, Blastrac Global is announcing the consolidation of three of its business units. As market leaders, we are combining resources to take the products of Blastrac, Diamatic, and Cyclone Technology to new heights.

The plan for each product is business-as-usual but, behind the scenes we are combining assets in marketing, training, engineering, and sales support functions to expand our top-class customer support and education.

You will continue to see the same Red Diamatic and Blue Blastrac products that have been industry leaders for over 30 years. In addition, we have Cyclone technology high-pressure water cleaning systems. All product lines will be manufactured in our Oklahoma City facility and sold through distribution or one of our nine locations across the US and three locations across Canada. These locations are factory locations that serve as repair/rental and sales offices. In addition to this, we have a loyal Distribution network with multiple locations across North America.

As always, our products are manufactured to the highest quality specifications and meet UL, ULCSA, and NEC safety standards for North America. These are standards that few, if any, of our competitors can claim.

Our products are engineered for our customers to meet the market needs. This commitment carries on to our vast inventory of parts and consumables. Our inventory allows for continued service on machines that date back 15 plus years.

Blastrac, Diamatic and Cyclone look forward to an exciting future serving our customers with even more products and support. Watch as we update our websites and bring new services and support functions to the market.

Thank you,

Mark Haworth

President, Blastrac NA