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BMS-220ADB Scraper


The Blastrac BMS-220ADB ride-on scraper is ideally suited for medium and large sized applications with the added benefit of being battery operated for increased versatility. Works well on all applications such as hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, linoleum, vinyl, carpet, adhesives, glue, tiles, etc. It is highly maneuverable with a zero turn radius, non-marking tires and complete hydraulic control. The BMS-220ADB has a 8-10 hour run time, and has removable weights taking the machine from 2245 pounds, down to 1995 pounds.

Working Width: 6-27in. (Depending on the type of blade)
Ground Speed: 160 ft. min. working speed
Power: 12 8V Batteries / Up to 10 HR run time
Dimensions: L 59 in. x W 24 in.  x H 52 in.
Weight: 2245 lbs with weights | 1995 lbs without weights
Surfaces: Hardwood Parquet / Ceramics / Linoleum / Vinyl / Carpet / Adhesives / Glue / Tiles

  • Very compact, fits through standard doors and elevators
  • Zero turn radius, ergonomic design for safe and easy maneuvering, non-marking high speed tires
  • Powered by heavy-duty batteries, running time up to 10 hours
  •  Maintenance-free hydraulic components, no belt and gear

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Blastrac BMS-220ADB battery operated ride-on scraper ideal for medium to large sized applications.160 ft per minute and 2245lbs


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