BMG-435 Grinder


The Blastrac BMG-435 grinder is a three-headed planetary
machine designed for multi-purpose use on concrete terrazzo, and
natural stone. The BMG-435 grinder is ideal for the preparation of concrete surfaces prior to the application of surface coatings, staining and decorative use.

Grinding Width: 17 in.
Disc Speed: 450 RPM (110V) 900 RPM (230V)
Power: 3 HP, 110V (15 amp) 230V (13 amp) 1ø
Power Cord: 50ft. (15 m)
Dust Hose Connection: 2 in. (50.8mm)
Dimensions: L 28 in. x W 18 in. x H 48 in.
Weight: 254 lbs
Surfaces: Concrete / Stone / Asphalt / Elastic Materials
Dust Collector Options: BDC-1216, BDC-22, BDC-23

  • Closed circuit, virtually dust free when connected to an appropriate dust collector
  • Separate drive system for central rotation and 3-disc planetary distribution
  • Can be split for easy transport
  • Floating shroud with brushes
  • User friendly and comfortable to use

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