Blastrac University is instructed by Levi Smiley who comes with 22 years of industry knowledge in the concrete and steel preparation markets. With firsthand experience as a service technician, field equipment operator, sales manager and contracting as a small business owner he has a unique ability to tailor the class specifically to the room of attendees.  He’s designed this class for professionals in all positions form all experience levels.

Course Curriculum

  • Electricity – single phase, three phase and managing Ohm’s law
  • Dust Collection – how and why it works, proper pairing
  • Scraping – machine operation and tooling selection
Blastrac University
Blastrac University

Course Curriculum

  • OSHA compliancy and PPE safety requirements
  • Surface preparation technologies
  • CSP surface profiles – what and why

Course Curriculum

  • Diamonds – what they are and how they work
  • Diamond grinding – machine operation and diamond selection
  • Shot blasting – machine operation, shot selection, maintenance
Blastrac University
Instructor Blastrac University

75% of our customers time is spent preparing the floor they’re about to coat or cover. With each new floor a new and different challenge arises. What worked on that last floor may not work on this one. Our customers are inheriting new site-specific problems they must properly react to on a weekly sometimes daily basis. Having an in depth understanding of how surface preparation affects their production and the aesthetics of their finished floor is everything. My goal is to provide you the knowledge to diversify and quicken your process by selecting the right method at the right time. Learn to properly manipulate the machines and choose the appropriate tooling. The floor is telling you what to do, I teach you how to listen. It’s through process engineering that I’ll make you fast and effective.

Affordable Excellence

Class fee of $695.00 includes:

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  • Classroom Course Instructions
  • Blastrac University Handbook
  • Hands-on use of equipment
  • How to achieve proper surface preparation techniques
  • Basic Training Certificate
  • Morning refreshments, lunch, and two dinner meals
  • Transportation to and from the hotel

Attendees will be responsible for their own lodging and transportation to and from Oklahoma City. Reasonable lodging is available in close proximity to Blastrac, and our company personnel will be glad to assist you with accommodations upon completion and verification of enrollment.  

March 2019

March 2018

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