2-45DTM Shot Blaster


Blastrac’s 2-45DTM truck-mounted shot blaster is one of the most
adaptable and productive of the large horizontal blast cleaning
machines in our equipment line. This DOT highway approved vehicle
is completely self-contained and specifically designed for surface
preparation specialists doing jobs that require limited downtime,
such as airports, highways, bridges and other large projects. The
2-45DTM provides a virtually dust free, environmentally friendly work
environment for the operator and others on the same site.

Blasting Width: 45 in. (1,150 mm)
Travel Speed: Maximum up to 3 mph (4.7 km/hr)
Prod. Capacity: Up to 38,750 sq.ft/hr (3,600 m2/hr) on concrete
Motor: 2, 40 hp (30kW) hydraulic motors
Dimensions: L 59 in. x W 51in. x H 51in. (1,500 mm x 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm)
Weight: 3,858 lbs (1,750 kg)

  • Prepares up to 38,750 sq.ft/hr (3,600 m2/hr) on concrete or asphalt (relevant to hardness and asphalt mix)
  • Magnetic/air-wash dust collection system for separating contaminants from abrasives with containment and disposal of debris 
  • 2, 40HP (30kW) hydraulic blast motors 
  • Versatile, heavy duty and highly productive machine 
  • Flexible use for any job site, no trailers or special transport required 
  • Designed for optimum use on asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Uniform 45 inch blast pattern for consistent results

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