2-30DSMKIV Shot Blaster


The Blastrac 2-30DSMKIV is a powerhouse machine designed for the big jobs that require high productivity. The drive system with integrated brake is designed for ramps and inclines, making the 2-30DSMKIV ideal for parking decks. A high-speed travel switch on the 2-30DSMKIV helps ensure uniform surface preparation by allowing for quick repositioning after each pass, without resetting the travel speed.

Use this Blastrac Super system for industrial plant and warehouse floors, parking garages, ship decks, highway or bridge work, airport runways and other large jobs.

Blasting Width: 30 in. (762mm)
Travel Speed: Self Propelled
Prod. Capacity: 9,000 sq.ft/hr.
Power: Twin 20 HP motors, 460V (44 amp), 3ø
Dust Hose Connection: 2 in. (51mm)
Dimensions: L 75 in. x W 39 in. x 48 H in.
Weight: 1,575 lb. (714kg)

  • 30 inch cleaning path
  • Recommended for light to medium removal
  • Excellent for warehouse floors or thin mil coating applications
  • High-speed travel switch helps ensure uniform profiling by allowing for quick repositioning for successive passes, without resetting travel speed
  • Base elevates the machine for easier transport
  • Operates virtually dust free when connected to BDC-99 dust collector
  • Prepares up to 9,000 sq.ft/hr.
  • 20 hp blast motor, 2 motors

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