1-10DLP Shot Blaster


The 1-10DLP machine is designed to blast a concrete surface and reclaim all shot and dust.The 1-10DLP Porta-Shot Blast machine is powered by a CH-25 Kohler liquid propane engine. The 25HP machine is capable of cutting up to 1/8” of concrete in one pass. It is driven by a Hydrostatic Pump and Motor system, controlled by lever arm action. 

The 1-10DLP has a 10” blast pattern using a patented blast wheel which reduces hot spots and groves. The blast wheel is a paddle wheel design that is pulley driven at a maximum speed of 5400 RPM continuously. Shot feeds through the shot valve to the blast wheel. The shot and debris rebound to the dust separator and the dust is removed to the dust collector. Clean shot falls back into the hopper for reuse. The machine recycles shot continuously until the machine is shut off. The auto pulse dust collector cleans the six cartridge filters while the machine is running. This machine is capable of cutting up to 1200 square feet per hour, while achieving a brush blast.

The 1-10DLP shot blaster strips, cleans and profilfes simultaneously and is ideal for ship decks, parking garages, industrial plant, warehouse floors, bridge and highway work and airport runways, improving macro and micro texture. 

Blasting Path: 10 in. (254 mm)
Motor: 25 HP Kohler Engine – liquid propane
Weight: 1550 lbs (703 kg)
Production: Up to 2,500 sqft/hr (232 m2/hr)
Dimensions: L 78 in. (1981 mm) x W 34 in. (864 mm) x H 57 in. (1448 mm)

  • Patented paddle wheel technology
  • Easy access twin dust trays for
    efficient debris removal and disposal
  • Blast pattern accuracy and wide
    abrasive selection allows operator to
    achieve desired surface profile

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