Posted on 03/29/2013

  National Sales Manager and Training
  Director, Jonn Rippman held a two day
  SPARC Training Course on March 23rd and
  24th. In attendance was John Longendyke
  and Summer Melson of Aramsco. Kirk
  Beggs new Sales Manager from Western
  Provinces, Canada also attended. SPARC is
  a comprehensive training program on
  popular surface preparation methods and
  equipment. This program includes
  discussion of common surface preparation
  methods such as shot blasting, diamond
  grinding, scraping and scarification.
  Participants are taught when to use
  different surface preparation techniques,
  based on job site characteristics, specified
  coatings, desired results and costs.

  Left to right: Jonn Rippman, Kirk Beggs,
  Summer Melson and John Longendyke.