Posted on 04/06/2012

Innovations Award Winners Showcased

Blastrac’s Multitask Rider BMR-85D and the 2-20DTA shot blasting head took the Bronze Award, Construction Equipment. Innovations Award winners were showcased in an Intermat 2012 pre-show reveal for construction journalists.  The show, on a three-year cycle with U.S.-based Con Expo-Con/Agg and the Bauma Show in Germany, will take place April 16 -21 in Paris, France.  The BMR-85D is one of the most versatile and functional machines manufactured by Blastrac®. Our Multitask Rider proves very productive when coupled with the 2-20DTA shot blasting attachment and provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete and asphalt roadways or runways for renovation and improvement of grip and security.