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Jonn Rippman brings an impressive resume to address your questions as Blastrac’s resident technical and application expert. Mr. Rippman’s wealth of knowledge and expertise has been gleaned from over twenty years of experience with concrete grinding, concrete polishing, scraping, scarifying and shotblasting.

Currently, Mr. Rippman is Blastrac’s National Training Manager and heads the quarterly SPARC training program at the Oklahoma City manufacturing location. Mr. Rippman’s extensive experience comes from nine years as a Service Engineer and then nine more years as a Regional Manager. His instructional expertise and vast experience make him the perfect candidate to assist you with any questions you may have about Blastrac’s products and applications.

Occasionally other Blastrac experts will supply trusted input for informative responses to important questions. Some questions and answers may be posted here on our website so that others may gain insight and perspective on common surface preparation questions or problems. 

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